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Fine Dining

Nassau is rife with fine dining, luxury restaurants for a memorable dining
experience. Watch the sun go down as you share a sweet dessert. She’ll tantalize
you with her tongue as she delights in the taste of her favorite confection. Set the
mood for your date and give her a taste of something special. You can be sure
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Bars and Clubs
After a nice meal, move on to sample some local bars for an authentic Bahamas
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Discover Paradise after it gets dark at the Nassau Paradise Island’s decadent bars
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flirtatious blonde will coax you onto the dancefloor for some super sensuous
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Sexy Blonde Escorts in the Bahamas
Now that you know what to do before you get to the bedroom, it is time to
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Private Time to Cuddle and Converse
Let your busty, beautiful blonde escort take the lead once you get back in your
hotel room. She will put you at ease to make sure you feel relaxed and ready for
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Have some food and drinks in your room before you arrive or order some room
service once you get into the hotel. Some delicious treats from a bakery nearby
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Your Time Together with a Fabulous Blonde Escort in the Bahamas
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