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  • Emilia | Independent Escort

    Category: Female Nationality: Colombian Language: Spanish Hair: Brunette Height: 5' 5" Weight: 130 lbs 65kg Cup Size: B Cup Services: Full service, Duo, Anal, Outcalls, Party I am a free spirited and open-minded woman, that loves every second of my job! I am exotic, sensuous, and rather naughty. I am happy to take control, but I can roleplay and be submissive. As an escort with a very vivid imagination, I love nothing more than to make your dream reality!

  • Giselle | Independent Escort

    Category: Female Nationality: Venezuelan Language: Spanish Hair: Brunette Height: 5' 2" Weight: 110lbs 55kg Cup Size: B Cup Services: Incalls, Outcallls, Duo, Party, Gfe, Full Service There is no better an experience than relaxing in the companionship of a beautiful escort in the Bahamas. There is so much fun that you cannot afford to partake alone - it would be such a waste of time. I am here to provide you with a passionate encounter with my curvy body and courtesan mannerisms. There is nothing possible I wouldn't do to make you relax, smile and awaken to the fun of being in the moment and losing all the stress and fatigue life throws at us from work and other social commitments. I am not new to providing escort services and my skills are as sharp as your imagination can take. I promise you a thrill of intense pleasure and great company.

  • Isabel | Independent Escort

    Category: Female Nationality: Colombian Language: Spanish Hair: Brunette Height: 5' 5" Weight: 130 lbs 65kg Cup Size: C Cup Services: Full service, Duo, Anal, Outcalls, Party Isabel has been dreaming of coming to the Bahamas for a while now. She has a lot to offer the world of escorting here in our capital, and she’s very talented. It’s not just her clearly marvelous body that’s going to grab you, there’s more to her than that. Isabel has a passion that is quite rare for such a young woman, but entirely fitting in our industry. She wants to get to know you, she’s likely to make you laugh and she’s very confident to be around. You are going to have a wonderful time, and at this price, you can barely afford not to meet with her.

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  • Longer Bookings – 24+ Hours with a Bahamas Escort

    Bahamas Escorts are the premium choice for a discreet, no strings attached date. Our ladies are fresh, exclusive, high-quality and exceptionally captivating company. Enjoy a private VIP Bahamas Escort introduction for an entire day! Walk the beach, go out for a dinner date, and top off the evening with sensual, hot, lusty sex. You will meet a real woman as your invited guest. She will treat you with respect and consideration while being discreet at all times. So, be a gentleman, and you will have a romantic day that far surpasses anything you could even imagine! Bahamas Escorts Bookings Longer than 24 Hours Although there is a minimum booking of 2 hours, many clients prefer longer bookings, especially overnight. If a booking lasts even longer than 24 hours, you need to keep in mind a few things to keep things comfortable for you and your escort. Meals – At Least 3 Meals a Day Most dates involve a lot of food choices. Sharing food and drink increases intimacy, provides a conversational topic and makes sure everyone is fed. Many people eat three meals a day, but not everyone. Diets are personal, and the amounts people eat vary, too. Sometimes a client’s food schedule is vastly different than the typical meals of the escort, so we ask you to be sensitive to her needs. At least three meals, at your expense, are the minimum, but please be courteous and regularly check in with your Bahamas escort and ask if she wants something to eat or drink. Undisturbed Sleep for at Least 6 Hours a Night Sleep is personal, too. Make sure your Bahamas Escort has enough time to sleep, and you will find the time with her while you are both awake to be incredible. “Spoon” as you sleep together, or sleep apart, that’s your choice, then enjoy breakfast in bed in the morning, after your refreshing showers. Mostly, 24 or more hours with a Bahamas Escort flows naturally. She readily takes the lead sometimes, and your choices are her priority in and out of the bedroom. Reach out for your own special 24 hour or more booking to stay overnight with a Bahamas Escort. Call 786-753-7884 now!

  • Sensual Exploration and Fantasy

    Your sexy Bahamas Escort is on her way up to your hotel room, so now you wonder how you are going to explore your intimate fantasies. Sensual exploration and fantasies help you experience the very best sex of your life. While the culture and your background may restrain your sexuality, you are a sexual being. Archaic sexual norms make it impossible to discover your most vulnerable, deepest places in most sexual interactions. So, the willingness to explore sensual needs, safely, intimately, and openly offers you space to be a little selfish. Yes, really, a little selfish. It is about you and your own needs. As you learn to focus solely on your needs with a safe exploration partner (or more than one partner, when you are ready for that step!), you learn about yourself. You discover things about you that can enhance your entire life experience, sexual and non-sexual. Intimacy with No Complications Sensual exploration with your Bahamas Escort steps you into a space that is completely free of emotional complication. The ease in your interactions is naturally nurtured by the up-front agreement and shared expectation of intimacy. Telling your Bahamas Escort, “I want to do this with you,” establishes an intimate space and the freedom to explore sensually, without complications. There is no set of rules to follow for sensual exploration. It is a space with open communication for you to express your sexual curiosities. Let lust take the lead. Then shed societal hang-ups and rules along with your clothes. Release your stress. Elevate your pleasure. And connect with your most sensual self. Exploring your fantasies and sensuality leads to great healing. So you deserve a space to celebrate your sexuality and humanity. Explore together. Reach out to Bahamas Escorts so you can start planning your fantasy.

  • How to Be a Good Client - So Your Bahamas Escort Genuinely Likes You

    This whole topic could probably be summed up in just a couple of words… “Be likable.” But let’s delve more deeply and see what specific actions you can take so your Bahamas Escort really does like you. Some things annoy all escorts, like asking for discounts, whining about why some services aren’t offered, asking for extra photos, booking and not showing up, etc. Good clients never do these things. Good clients are respectful, straightforward, easy-going and polite. There’s a first time for everything. First times for many things come with some anxiety. On a first date, so many things seem important, but only a few things really are. If this is the first time you are booking a Bahamas Escort, chances are you already have a lot of questions. So, how do you make yourself likeable enough on your first date with her to make sure it is a success? Check Your Expectations Before you go to meet up with your Bahamas Escort date, take a quick check of your expectations. This invitation is not a long-term romantic relationship, but it is important you behave politely. Relax, and be your best self. Sometimes gentlemen forget they’re meeting with a real woman, like every other, with feelings that need to be considered, too. Conversations On your first date, keep your conversations light. Stay away from talking about your previous relationships, distasteful or dirty jokes, and offensive topics like religion, politics, and the state of the world. Stick to “getting-to-know-you” type topics. Allow your Bahamas Escort to take the lead in the conversation. She knows exactly how to help you feel at ease and keep the evening rolling. Be Your Best Self As the night goes along, keep being a charming date, so she would want to go out with you again. Keep your sense of humor and your manners the whole time. Then don’t let the intimacy and great sex delude you into thinking it’s okay to be obnoxious! Women are perceptive and intuitive. Always be real and conduct yourself as a gentleman when you are on a date with a Bahamas Escort, and she will genuinely like you! So, reach out today to book your time with your favorite Bahamas Escort(s). Call now 786-753-7884

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  • Independent Bahamas Escorts | Escorts in Bahamas Available Now

    Make an Offer and Book Escorts Here at Bahamas Escorts Experience the Magic of a Bahamas Escort As you will soon discover, the escorts here on Bahamas Escorts are predominantly from Colombia and Venezuela and if you have not had the pleasure of meeting a young girl from either of these countries, you are in for a real treat. We have a selection of Bahamas Escorts , that are blonde , brunette and ebony ! Gabriela | Independent Escort Natalie | Independent Escort Ana | Independent Escort Lauren | Independent Escort Rebeca | Independent Escort Zoe | Independent Escort View More Escorts Welcome The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful island archipelagos on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that Bahamas Escorts are equally as beautiful. ​ Any and every time you come to the Bahamas, your visit should be memorable, and any time spent with a sexy Escort in the Bahamas you have met through us, is guaranteed to be memorable. ​ The aim of Bahamas Escorts is to help you find a female companion at an affordable rate. We fully understand that the demand of services fluctuate throughout the week, therefore rates should never be written in stone. ​ We welcome clients to simply make a escorts offering and it is the Escorts' choice to decide whether they'll accept or not. ​ What you’ll also like about Bahamas Escorts is that you have direct contact with any of the Escorts from the very beginning. Once the Escort has accepted your offer, our work is done. You'll then receive her contact information for you to update her on any changes to the bookings or perhaps to keep in contact to arrange a booking in the future. ​ This is unusual, but it has shown itself to be far more preferable for both the girls and those of you who want to meet them. ​ To find out more about Bahamas Escorts , check out our Ebony , Blonde and Brunette Escorts pages, where you will find all the information you need and likely the answers to any questions that you may have. Bahamas Escorts Give the Word 'Sultry' a Whole New Meaning With dark olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, there is something particularly alluring about South American girls, and those from escorts from Colombia and Venezuela are no exception. The dictionary defines the word ‘sultry’ when used to describe a woman as “attractive in a way that suggests or causes feelings of sexual desire”, and we would be inclined to agree with most of that description, save for one word, ‘suggests’. We’d change that for ‘exudes’ where our Bahamas escorts are concerned, as they have sexual desire oozing out of every pore of their silky smooth and delicate skin. You'd Be Proud To Be Seen With Any Of Our Bahamas Escorts When you go out with a woman on your arm, you want to feel proud and special. You want to be able to look at every other man you see and know that they will be jealous as hell of you. Choose any one of the Bahamas escort girls you will find here and tell them what the occasion or event you’d like them to accompany you to and you can bet your last dollar that they will dress appropriately and look just the part, virtually guaranteeing that heads will turn when you arrive. Now what could make you feel more special than that? Bahamas Escorts are Smart, Sociable, Intelligent and Wonderful Company Any of the girls you meet through Bahamas escorts will surprise you with their intellect. These girls don’t just sit there and look pretty because they know that for so many of their clients , for an evening to be memorable, there has to be a mental as well as physical connection. Our Bahamas Escorts can go way beyond ‘small talk’ and many of them are highly educated. They are almost what you could call a ‘Girl Friday’, able to adapt to virtually any and every situation they find themselves in, from an intimate dinner for two to attending a glitzy and glamorous social function. Our high class Bahamas call girls are your best company. Multilingual and Multi-Talented Escorts in the Bahamas You will find that the escorts registered with Bahamas Escorts are all fluent in Spanish, while many of them also speak English, and other languages too. However, these girls all know how to communicate perfectly without even having to say a single word. A look, a smile, a nod or just a touch can tell you all you need to know. Centrally Located Escorts in Bahamas Sometimes you can never tell when the need, or opportunity for some fantastic company can arise, so when it does, the last thing you want is to have to wait two hours to meet someone. In fact, sometimes you don’t have more than an hour to spare, so time can be of the essence. That’s why call girls in Nassau who register with Bahamas Escorts are all located within easy striking distance of all the major hotels in Nassau. You can arrange to meet in your hotel, at a bar or in a restaurant, the choice is entirely yours. Bahamas Escorts Etiquette In the simplest of terms, we would ask you to treat any of these lovely girls with the utmost of respect. They most definitely are not a commodity, and while you may be paying for their time, that payment does not afford you the right to behave in anything other than a gentlemanly manner. ​ ​ Being a Nassau escort is a ‘profession’ to these girls and they behave in a thoroughly respectful and professional way. These girls are graceful and have perfect manners and it is only right that they should be treated with the same level of courtesy and respect as they will show you. ​ We don’t mean to be too personal, but please take care of your personal hygiene. The Bahamas has a tropical climate that can be either hot, humid or both, and it is easy to forget to take a much-needed shower. ​ Just because you are paying for the time of any of the escorts in the Bahamas you can meet through Bahamas Escorts , that does not mean you have the right to expect or demand that they do whatever you may ask of them. As with all of us, there are certain things we like to do and there are other things we don’t. You should never expect an of the girls to do something they don’t want to.

  • Contact Us | Bahamas Escorts

    CONTACT US Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. Nassau, Bahamas +1 786 753 7884 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! Youtube Twitter

  • Brunette Escorts | Bahamas Escorts

    BRUNETTE ESCORTS That brunette escort on your arm there – gorgeous, mysterious and maybe a little intimidating. Dark-haired classic women may appear pensive and intense. Her eyes captivate you. Blue eyes with dark hair, brown-eyed brunettes, and green eyes that say she thinks you’re hot. ​ Her classic, confident beauty is understated and graceful. She makes a gracious entrance. You watch her move across the room. Her smile tells you she possesses all the answers to your fantasy life. The astounding natural beauty of brown-haired vixens stands out with brunette escorts in the Bahamas. Sit across the table from a brunette during a meal and watch her emit a natural sensuality to suggest that she has some serious moves. Share some dessert, and she’ll turn up the heat. The sense of her exotic nature is intoxicating. It’s also a well-kept secret that if you need a companion for a business or corporate event, a hella fine brunette is your best choice. Everyone there is bound to feel a little jealous, but you’ll be much more comfortable with a brunette escort. Your brunette escort goes to your event with you all clean-cut, wearing a tailored outfit of high quality. She’s not outrageous with her patterns or embellishments, or bright colors. Brunette companions adopt a different attitude to life. They’re understated and more observant. She will never embarrass you in public and knows exactly how to thrill you in private. Overall, she has a knack for holding her own, whether it’s on the streets or in the sheets. Tania | Independent Escort Rebeca | Independent Escort Lauren | Independent Escort Emilia | Independent Escort Isabel | Independent Escort Reina | Independent Escort Stacey | Independent Escort Natalie | Independent Escort Carmen | Independent Escort Hellen | Independent Escort Giselle | Independent Escort Diana | Independent Escort Crystal | Independent Escort Michelle | Independent Escort Rosa | Independent Escort Carmella | Independent Escort Fernanda | Independent Escort Zoe | Independent Escort Catalina | Independent Escort Valery | Independent Escort Paola | Independent Escort Glowing Gorgeous Brunnette Escorts in the Bahamas With some time on the beaches, the local girls glow with a fresh, youthful look. Those ladies with an enviable youthful glow appeal to many men. What’s not to love about a romantic evening followed by a risqué evening with a fresh and feisty brunette? Enthusiasm galore! She is eager to satisfy your every dream and make all your wishes come true. Watch an incredible sexual connection grow between you. A connection that can only be satisfied one way. After a few drinks, head back to your hotel room and see where the time together takes you. Your brunette escort knows how to take the lead, so just sit back and enjoy. She will tantalize and titillate until the intimacy moves along to mind-blowing sex until the early hours. Satisfy your craving for the irresistible energy and lustiness with a brunette escort in the Bahamas. All it takes is a few clicks or a phone call, and you can join her on a date for a night you will always remember. Time with Your Brunette Escort in the Bahamas Great passion. Soft caresses. Intimate erotic games. She knows just how to tease and taunt you with her moves. Once you are back in your hotel room, her hair comes down, and you see for yourself what she’s been keeping under that fabulous outfit. She chose those panties just for you to see. Watch her dance alone as she waits for you to be ready for her. Every erotic pleasure and game that you have always dreamed about is now coming to life. Then, explore your wild side as you experience the most exciting experiences ever with your brunette escort in the Bahamas. So, check out the pictures on the website. Now, that makes your imagination soar! These ladies know exactly how to make sure you enjoy a sensual encounter and mind-blowing sex, all on one date! ​ As your brunette escort takes the lead once you get to the bedroom, she puts you at ease. You’ll be relaxed, happy and ready to be satisfied like never before. ​ Offer her food and drinks in your room from the hotel’s room service. Pick up some treats from a nearby bakery while you are out together, or even before your date begins. Time on the Town Many gentlemen prefer a quiet time in a hotel room with their brunette escort. Others prefer to make an entire evening of the experience and treat the event like a real date. They begin with a romantic dinner, followed by some drinks and dancing at a club. Some dates start earlier in the day with a hand-in-hand walk on the beach or a picnic in a secluded cove. Walk arm in arm and whisper sweet nothings as you take in the tropical sights. She knows the area and what she likes, so check with her for her preferences. Show her to her favorite spots before you show her your favorite spots! You can certainly go all out and show your date a great time, but your date need not empty your wallet. You can do many things together that are fun and intimate that naturally build up to that climax at the end of the evening. What’s most important is that you spend some quality time together, getting to know each other. Spend some time exploring the city. Find an out of the way place for a romantic first kiss. Window-shop, grab a special dessert, ice cream or specialty coffee while you walk the docks and dream about the luxurious yachts. Add some wine and cheese, light some candles, and have a light meal—play classical music or jazz in the background. Watch the sunset (and sunrise!) on the beach or from your balcony. Carry fresh-squeezed juice and a blanket if you want to lay on the sand. Your brunette beauty will love to go on a romantic picnic date, especially if she gets to wear her incredibly sexy swimsuit and slinky cover-up. What’s your drink of choice? For wine aficionados, cocktail connoisseurs, and beer lovers, you’ll always find refreshing beverage choices in the bars and lounges nearby. Or if you want to do some dancing, the local nightclubs have spacious dance floors open until the wee hours of the morning. Your foxy brunette escort will dance the night away with her sensuous moves! Many brunette escorts love museums, art exhibits, performances and the local festivals. Check with your hotel to see what’s available during the time of your visit. So, don’t miss out, book an evening with a brunette escort in the Bahamas now. Then, you will look back and remember it fondly forever.

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